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I’m not the kind of person who would mill their own flour. Really. It’s amazing what diet changes and taking care of one’s family can become. For me, it meant changing the way we produce our own food. My Mockmill 100 flour mill has been a big key to how I make food for my family. Here’s an honest review from someone who never thought she’d be doing this.

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Little boy smiles  big holding a bowl of freshly ground flour while sitting on a countertop next to the Mockmill 100 flour mill

How I Starting Milling My Own Flour

When we moved to our hilltop farmhouse in 2017 I imagined learning to bake pies and make jam BUT full on homesteading never entered my mind. Then 2020 hit, I’d already been using einkorn grain, especially for holidays. I found the kids and I seemed to tolerate it very well and the nutrition and protein was huge. It wasn’t until the lockdowns hit, that we decided to completely switch to einkorn. It’s an expensive grain, so we wondered if milling our own would be worth it to save some money. We bought a 50 lb bag and borrowed an old four mill from a friend at church. Another feature of this mill was that it weighed so much and was so big, Bodie was often called upon to help me carry it from pantry to kitchen and back again.

We eventually decided this mill should be returned to the owner, but by that time I was hooked. Milling my own flour had proved to be easy, relaxing and worth the small time to see the flour. It was time to find our own mill. We discovered that purchasing a mill was an investment. The money would be saved over time and the worth would also come back in the high quality of flour made. BUT. It meant I was committing myself to mill my own flour for years to come. Could I do that?

Well, I made the jump and milling flour is now a family affair as kids love to help and watch the flour fly out!

Little boy sits on a countertop next to a mockmill 100 flour mill

You Should Consider a Flour Mill If…

  1. You are on a special diet such as: Celiacs, Keto, Paleo or other grain free diets, have gluten intolerance, are trying to eat whole foods, or have an autoimmune disorder.
  2. Do You live out in the Boonies? Not only do groceries take money but so does gas. Shopping is time and time is a gift I don’t want to waste. Milling my own flour has actually been less stressful, partially because I’m not constantly searching stores for what I want at a price I want…especially when I’m not living in town.
  3. Spend less on Groceries. Like I just said, Finding things at grocery stores can be stressful when they are not at the prices you want. Though it is an investment (like the car you drive to the grocery store) Milling your own flour can help you save money long term.

Pros to the Mockmill 100

  • The Ability to Control How fine the Four is Ground

Not only does the the Mockmill 100 allow you to choose just how fine or course you want your flour, it let’s you pick the exact size! You see ten options on the grinder but when the level gauge is loosened, you can open up the stones for an even more course grind and tighten it for an even finer grind. I Love this option!

  • Quality

One of the things we like about the Mockmill 100 is that it uses a true stone mill AND it’s made in Germany. It’s quality has been evident. This is not something that will immediately break down and there is a six year warranty which also adds peace of mind.

  • The Ability To Clean the stone

I must add that taking this machine apart isn’t a huge undertaking. I’m not a mechanical wiz so having an easy to clean and put back together item is important to me. Simply loosen the gauge, then press the notches in back while pulling up to reveal the stone. Check out the video to see how I do this.

Cons to the Mockmill 100

  • It’s Loud

I’ve heard it’s over 90 decibels and I usually wear hearing protection (mostly to appease Bodie).I say it’s but I actually found another reviewer who owned this same mill and thought the opposite. Find that review HERE.

  • It won’t work Without Electricity as the old one I borrowed did

Even though I love this machine there is one quality it doesn’t have and that’s a manual mode. Perhaps someday I’ll purchase a manual mill for emergencies but I’m not to the point where I feel that’s necessary.

  • Can be Dirty to Store

This con is probably my own fault because I got rid of the box for this mill and now it gets flour on the counter where it’s stored. I’m not sure if every mill is this way but I don’t like the constant flour clean up.

Where I get Grain and Wheat Berries

You may already know that the only wheat I grind with my mockmill is einkorn berries. I like to purchase them in large quantities for the best prices.

My favorite place to purchase large quantity berries is from They are local to the northwest and grown here in the U.S.A.

When milling gluten free grains, I go to Azure Standard. Recently, I got millet and sorghum to grind. Up until now, I’ve had success with grinding their buckwheat, but I did make a mistake! The first time ordering buckwheat I got unhulled. Always get it hulled before you mill it! At least with my Mockmill, hulling beforehand is required.

Recipes For Your Flour Mill

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More on Einkorn Flour Baking

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Milling Flour isn’t for everyone. If it’s something you’re looking into, a Mockmill 100 is a wonderful way to start!

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  1. Hi there! Currently working on your overnight bagels as we speak! Quick question…I mistakenly added the baking soda to the mix because I didn’t read all the way down to the end that explains to put it in the water, so I just mixed it In where you write to mix it all! Yikes! Did I ruin the recipe?

    1. I don’t think it’ll be ruined though You may have a little baking soda flavor. Thankfully, it shouldn’t change it much. Thanks for letting me know! I’ll try changing the recipe to make that more clear. Let me know how it worked out 😉

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