Fabric lined bamboo proofing basket sits in the light of a window

My Favorite Things (In the Kitchen)

There’s a few things that I just love using in my house and THIS is the place you can see them and where I get them. Perhaps they will bring you just as much joy as they have to me!

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Proofing Baskets

My Breadtopia proofing baskets are my favorite. I waited a long time for these thinking I will just do things the simple way. I originally thought a proofing basket was for holding the dough’s shape and it is. But there are more benefits you don’t always hear about. The first time I used one I couldn’t believe the dough just popped out of the basket. No scraping. No sticking. Let me tell you, the glass bowl I used to rise my bread in had caked on dried dough and it wasn’t easy to clean. No more of that for me! I also love that all I have to do is put the liner into the wash. I feel so professional now. I got these at a wonderful small family business! Kooi Housewares who offers 10 % off when you use the code HILLINTHEVALLEY.

Lamplighter Lemonette Herbal Loose Tea

I love tea and one of my top tea flavors is this Lamplighter Lemonette Tea form Farmhouse Teas. It’s perfect with some honey and has a slight sweetness itself from dried apples. Yup, dried apples in the tea. Farmhouse Teas has the best quality of tea I ever tasted. Ceanne does a fabulous job of combining flavors of homegrown herbs, spices, flowers and fruit to make delectable drinks. She values purity in the food she grows and just happens to be a fellow adoptive Mamma from a neighboring town!

Chocolate Conniption Not Coffee Tea

Just have to add one more drink on here. Chocolate Conniption is a stand in for coffee as I’m extremely sensitive to most coffees. It includes cocoa, carob and cocoa nibs to help with the chocolate flavor as well as coconut flakes and hazelnuts for added flavor. Add some milk or cream and it’s a lovely addition to breakfast. My kids love it and fondly refer to it as “kid coffee.”

Monterey Jack Raw Grass fed Cheese

My husband used to be sworn to Tillamook medium cheddar but it took just one week of trying this grass fed Monterey Jack. At first the kids couldn’t imagine another cheese flavor. Now they ONLY want this cheese. It’s smooth, soft and doesn’t have a bite like much of the cheddar cheeses. I get this in monthly from the Azure Standard pick up.

Hulled Organic Buckwheat

We use this buckwheat for making hot cereal, grinding into flour for pancakes and waffles and more! If you mill your own flour, this is quite cost effective. I purchase this from Azure Standard in large quantity for long use and grind it in my Mockmill.

Powdered Sugar 6X

Another grocery item I get from Azure Standard, this powdered sugar is different than others. The 6x refers to the times the cane sugar is refined to make it a powder. What I especially love about this sugar is it’s lack of cornstarch. Instead of the regular corn ingredients, it uses tapioca to prevent caking.

Superb Canning Lids

These canning lids have had the best record in my kitchen for sealing and staying sealed! I’m very impressed by their quality. This brand was started in 2020 to battle the canning lid shortages. Made by a family with 5 generations of canners, it was made to seal much tighter than any other leading brand. I purchase my lids from Kooi Housewares, a family run business based in Michigan. They offer 10 % off when you use this link or use the coupon code HILLTOPINTHEVALLEY at checkout.

Hope you find something that helps you nourish your own home and family!

From the Hilltop,