A Hunting Jacket is one of the best Christmas ideas for deer hunters

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Deer Hunters They Will Actually Use



Christmas is always the same day every year. Even so, my husband’s gift is one of the last I purchase. It just sneaks up on me! He’s a hunter you see. Hunting gifts just tend to intimidate me. Thankfully, he also happens to be superb at making a list with specific things he wants. I’ve asked my husband to share some of the best Christmas gift ideas for deer hunters they will actually use. You’ll find common ideas from trail cameras to stainless steel knives, from stocking stuffers to waterproof hunting gear. In addition, you’ll also find not so common ideas like my husband’s favorite knife sharpener.

I’ve always found a great gift in time for Christmas because of his lists. This helps me immensely and today I want to help you too! My husband Bodie, eagerly joined in (he may secretly expect something from this on Christmas morning). I’m learning a lot and I hope you do too.

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Deer Hunter hiking in wilderness

Christmas Gift Ideas for Deer Hunters

This is the holiday season to find some great gift ideas for your deer hunter friend or family member. Whether a seasoned or new hunter, this list of the best Christmas gift ideas for deer hunters will help you make your own unique shopping list.

Although you won’t find a “gun” or a “meat grinder” among these gift ideas, I can bet you won’t be disappointed. This is a unique, well thought out list of the best gifts. Some have even been gifts in our house. Best wishes in finding the perfect Christmas gift for your loved one using this hunting gift guide. It’s not far away.

Rivers West for Waterproof Fleece Clothing

Ranger ATJ Jacket 289.99

Rivers West ATJ Jacket

Ranger ATP Pants $199.99

Rivers West waterproof fleece is quiet and holds up to the rain on the wettest Oregon days. My husband has both the Rivers West pants and this jacket. The fleece makes them quite which every hunter should appreciate. The cut of the pants and jacket are also very comfortable. This waterproof fleece is warm and is best for late fall and winter hunts.

First Lite Clothing including Gaiters

Every hunter needs specialized clothing that will take on the environmental challenges of hiking, cold, rain and more. Finding the best clothing items and brands is hard. Here are a few of our favorites.

Omen StormShelter Pant $390

These Pants are on my husbands “someday” list. Even though they’re expensive compared to the Rivers West pants, (listed below) their worth it. These pants are amazing at staying waterproof and comfortable. There are so many great reviews on the Omen StormShelter Pants. Their durability lasts through harsh brush. In addition, they stay warm and dry through snow. Because of friend’s rave reviews, my husband hopes to one day have them too.

Omen StormShelter Jacket $390

What can I say about this jacket that hasn’t yet been shared about the pants above? Many reviewers conclude this is the best jacket they’ve owned. It’s ability to repel water, keep one warm AND maintain maneuverability makes it the BEST option for a hunting jacket. Did I mention it’s breathable? It is. This jacket remains a coveted item because of First Lite’s excellent quality.

Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters $85

My husband first used gaiters cruising timber in the snow in Central Oregon. He soon discovered that gaiters were not only good at keeping snow out of your boots, but also to keep pant legs dry in wet grass and brush. In addition, they can keep the seeds out of your socks when you are hiking. These Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters are a tough waterproof all season gaiter that any hunter or avid outdoorsman will love. It’s one of the best Christmas gift ideas for big game hunters who spend hours hiking outdoors.

Rivers West ATP Pants

Essential Hunting Tools

Here are the best Christmas gift ideas for deer hunters when it comes to quality hunting tools.

Gransfors Wildlife Hatchet $185

The Gransfors Wildlife Hatchet easily makes the list of great Christmas gift ideas for deer hunters or must have survival tools. For good reason. These hatchets are hand forged in Sweden and to most men they are a beautiful work of art. The handle is comfortable and short enough that the hatchet can be easily carried in a pack or on a belt. The balance and craftsmanship are excellent and the blade geometry makes short work of chopping. My husband carries his Gransfors hatchet anytime he goes into the wilderness. It’s handy for simple tasks like cutting and sharpening marshmallow sticks and can be relied upon to quickly build a life saving shelter if you are lost in the wilderness. This is the ideal gift for any outdoor enthusiast.

One of the best Christmas Gift ideas for Deer Hunters is this Gransfors Wildlife Hatchet
Gransfors Wildlife Hatchet

“Hunter” by White River Knives $180

Blade geometry, handle comfort, and a quality steel blade make a great knife. The Hunter by White River Knives has a blade that can do anything from beginning to end of processing game. By design, the handle fits well in your hand. It’s made of blue jean micarta, which is quite comfortable and durable. The Hunter boasts S35VN steel which has excellent edge retention.

Buck Ranger Skinner in S30V Steel $139.99

The Buck Ranger Skinner in S30V can be custom ordered from the Buck website or elsewhere. Like the Hunter, the blade is a great shape for processing game and the handle sits well in your hand. The S30V steel holds a sharp edge slightly better than the S35VN but is also just a little bit harder to sharpen. Bodie has field dressed, skinned, boned out, and cut to wrap an entire deer without stopping to sharpen his custom S30V knife and it was still sharp when he finished! This is an excellent tool and any hunter will prize a knife that has the ability to hold an edge this long.

Knife Sharpener

Tri-Angle Sharpmaker System Knife Sharpener by Spiderco $127

This sharpener is fool proof. Anyone can make a knife shaving sharp if they just follow the directions. Many knife sharpeners require that you guess the angle to hold the blade at when you are sharpening. In contrast, the design of this triangle sharp maker takes the guess work out of angling your knife and you simply hold it vertically when sharpening. Bodie uses this sharpener on all of his knives and is able to shave with them every time he is done. I got this sharpener for him as a Christmas gift several years ago and he constantly recommends it to his friends and raves about how easy it is to use. Every hunter needs a high quality knife sharpener and this one takes the cake.

One of the best Christmas Gift Ideas for Deer Hunters is this Spiderco Knife Sharpener
Spiderco Sharpmaker System

Packs by Wilderness Pack Specialties

Wilderness Pack Specialties are amazing packs. They’re made in the U.S.A. and have a lifetime warranty. Compared to so many other brands, these are by far the best option.

Yukon Frame $250

The Yukon frame contains a meat shelf to set meat on, making it easier to out pack meat. No need to go to get your pack frame because your pack frame is built into your pack. According to Bodie, these are extremely comfortable. They’re made in the U.S.A. with a lifetime warranty.

Kodiak frame with the Big Horn Pack

Kodiak Frame $197

While the Kodiak frame doesn’t have a meat shelf, both of these frames come with a meat sling to pack meat. Bodie packed 125 lbs of meat 2 miles using the Kodiak frame. He loves his frame and is very impressed with this brand.

Big Horn Pack $198

This pack has a good number of pockets to organize equipment and is waterproof. It’s small enough to work as a day pack, but just large enough to use for a weekend back country trip.

Caribou Pack $229

This has the same features but contains a roomier 5000 cubic inches of packable space. This is compared to 3000 cubic inches in the Big Horn pack. It’s not best for a day pack, but a multi day back country trip.

Practice Gear

High Quality Targets Price range from $40- $400

Rinehart targets boast they are “the best targets in the world.” This may be true, seeing the amount of respect their brand has gained over the years. Every bow hunter wanting to bring home a big buck come deer season should be well prepared. In the sport of hunting, practice is crucial. Targets provide the best form of practice that will help deer hunters gain the confidence and skill they need. For this reason, a good target is important to make a sure shot.

Walker’s Razor Series Slim Shooter Electronic Earmuffs $80

These electronic earmuffs block impulse noise to 23 dB while still allowing necessary noises such as commands, and wild game. They are low profile but do their job exceptionally well. Keep your loved one’s hearing safe with these earmuffs.

Trail Cameras

You can’t share Christmas gift ideas for deer hunters without including trail cameras. Here are some of the best rated game cameras on the market.

Viveri 4k 32mb Trail Camera $60

You don’t have to be around many hunting conversations before the topic of trail cameras come up. Spotting wild game isn’t always easy, but trail cameras can help give an idea of a deer’s habits. This Viveri trail camera is a newer version of this other camera that has over 14000 reviews. It’s simple to use and great quality for a great price.

Tactacam Reveal X Pro Trail Camera $150

This deer camera also has great reviews from hunters happy with the way it could get the shots of deer, send pictures to their phone and all for a reasonable price. either of these cameras are a great option.

Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Struggling to know what to add to that stocking shopping list? Here’s a few of the best gift ideas for deer hunters that can fit in a stocking. These items without a doubt will be used over and over.

GPS Map Apps by onX Maps $30

OnX maps provides easy access to the specific area you want to hunt. Mark paths, find and share the best trails. This app is made by hunters who know the importance of finding the best paths come hunting season. Surprise your hunter with this app and help them navigate their next hunting trip with ease!

Silva Ranger (Predecessor) Compass


To some or possibly most people today, a compass might seem a little old school or antiquated. With great apps out there like onX Maps and GPS on your phone, it’s hard to image why you would carry a compass. The fact is, batteries die, cell phones get dropped and broken or lost. Having a compass, if you find yourself in the uncomfortable situation where your GPS is no longer available, could literally save your life. The Silva Ranger 2.0 is used to tell the difference from North and South or to pinpoint your location on a map and measure the distance to your next destination.

Wind Checker $5

Animals have a great sense of smell and they use it to avoid predators. Even a small imperceptible breeze can carry a hunters scent. A wind checker helps a hunter monitor the wind and ensures they are hunting into the wind or approaching an animal from downwind. In light of this, my husband uses his wind checker constantly throughout the day to determine wind direction and plan his hunting route.

Windproof Lighter $13

A good windproof lighter should be in every hunters pack. The ability to start a fire on a cold day can be the difference between an enjoyable or miserable day in the woods. My husband carries his lighter in case he ever unexpectedly has to stay the night outside. He considers this an essential part of his survival kit.

Space Blanket $15

This is more of a survival item that will hopefully, never have to be used. Cold weather is a guarantee in our Northwest climate. Every hiker should be prepared and it’s important to realize this means every hunter should also carry a space blanket while in the wilderness.

Parachute Cord $6-$10

This specific brand of parachute cord has also been shared as a go-to for the outdoorsman. Bodie considers parachute cord one of those items that always comes in handy. It has so many uses.

Homemade Venison Dry Rub Seasoning Mix

I had to include this seasoning mix because we love it at our house and it’s a personal gift you can make for very cheap. It’s especially great for those unsure of how to cook their venison or those that love to try new flavors in the kitchen. Find the recipe for this dry mix HERE.

Headlamp $38

Talk about getting a lot of recommendations! Researching headlamps brought me back to this one time and time again. It’s always a good idea to prepare for those dark nights in the wilderness with proper lighting. Even if staying in a well lit hunting camp, you never know when light is needed. This Christmas present assures light for both home and hunting use.

What’s The Best Gift Unique to Your Hunter

Still unsure just what to give to that favorite hunter in your life? Here are three tips to help you gain confidence in your Christmas list.

The best Christmas gift ideas for deer hunters includes these Rivers West pants and jacket.

Ask your hunter These questions

As much as you’d like to say, “they don’t tell me what they want,” the problem may just be the questions you’re asking. In order to find the best gift ideas you must find the right way of asking what they want for Christmas. Don’t just say, “Hey, what do you want for Christmas?” Try these:

  • What tools would make your hunting season better or more enjoyable?
  • What are your favorite brands for hunting gear? (Or more specifically, “what is your favorite brand for hunting packs? hunting knives?)
  • Is any of your hunting gear falling apart?
  • Any gear your friends have that you liked? (This one is best done right after a hunting trip with friends)

The best time to ask these questions are as soon as hunting season ends or just after a hunting trip. Yes. This means you may need to take an interest in gift giving before the holiday season. Without a doubt, being interested in your favorite hunter’s sport and interests will be a gift in itself.

Lastly, write them down. Your brain mostly likely won’t remember the exact item so jot it down in your notes immediately. Good luck hunting for Christmas gifts this year!

I hope you find the best gift for your hunter and this list helps guide you to it. Thanks for stopping by.

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