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Fall is almost here and it’s time to collect those recipes for cool weather baking! This summer has been busy with growing and preserving food as well as figuring what can be made for dinner in 100 plus degree weather (not much)! I absolutely adore summer time. I live for it. The warmth and outdoor living. The carefree fun. Even so, one thing I look forward to as fall peeks it’s head around the corner is baking. I love spending time in the kitchen and enjoying the products of this farmhouse kitchen! These einkorn recipes for fall are sure to inspire you and get you in the mood for some cinnamon and flour dusted countertops.

little girl eats an einkorn chocolate chip cookie

Einkorn Recipes For Fall

Please check out these posts and let them know if you try their recipe. It encourages them to create more for you and, as a blogger myself, I can say that inspiring others inspires my own creativity! If you are new to einkorn flour, check out THIS POST for more information on this ancient power grain.

(1) Einkorn Pumpkin Roll

powdered sugar dusts an autumn Einkorn Pumpkin Cake Roll

These beautiful pumpkin cake roll by Jennifer Schegelmilch at is the perfect addition to your fall festivities. Don’t forget the hot coffee! This uses rich ingredients such as heavy cream, mascarpone cheese and rum to match the warmth of the spices. Check out the recipe HERE.

(2) Einkorn Sweet Potato Rolls

fluffy Einkorn Sweet Potato Rolls in a wire basket.

Last Thanksgiving I attempted to make these Einkorn Sweet Potato Rolls from and failed to blend my sweet potatoes enough before combining into the dough. The result was orange chunks throughout the rolls that did not seem appetizing to the very child I’d hoped would love them. Sill, they tasted good. Really good! This year I’ll try blending the sweet potato better! I decided this recipe needs to be a normal part of our baking because regular rolls just don’t make the same sweet flavor these do.

(3) Sourdough Einkorn Cinnamon Rolls

Sourdough Einkorn Cinnamon Rolls | I have a theory... Cinnamon rolls, like pizza, are enjoyable even when imperfect. These cinnamon rolls, however, are better than just enjoyable. They are soft, fragrant, and beautiful -- plus naturally fermented for additional nutrients and easier digestion. |

I’m always up for trying a new cinnamon recipe when fall brings it’s first autumn leaves. I love that these pastries use sourdough to rise. Aren’t they just gorgeous? Who wouldn’t want a bite of this? The recipe by Valeria Weaver can be found HERE at Traditional Cooking School.

(4) Einkorn Sourdough Buttermilk Biscuits

Hot Buttermilk Biscuits on a baking sheet

Hmm. What can I say about these biscuits? We eat them constantly in our house for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are incredibly flaky and buttery. I LOVE making multiple batches and freezing them! Oh, and it’s my own recipe. Yes, this is an amazing einkorn recipe you need to try for fall!

(5) Chewy Einkorn Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chewy Chocolate Chip cookies

This is the fifth of Five Einkorn Recipes for Fall! I had to add this in. Chocolate Chip Cookies are a favorite at our house and this is our go-to recipe because of the perfectly browned outsides and chewy insides. I don’t mind the caramelized butter taste that remains in my mouth after the last bite either!

Grab your FREE Einkorn Recipe Cards

If you haven’t yet looked at the einkorn recipe cards, now is the time! I love having mine in the box next to my cookbooks. I DO use them and am so glad for not having to constantly look them up on my phone or computer.

wooden measuring spoons on top of a recipe card

Click the picture above for your own FREE printable Einkorn Recipe Cards. It’s never a bad thing to have your recipes near you in the place you bake.

Where to Buy Einkorn Flour

The unfortunate truth is that, while it’s easy to run to the supermarket and grab a bag of white wheat, it’s not so easy to find the ancient grain einkorn flour. I’ve found a few different sources from which I purchase einkorn flour based on the quality, price and whether it’s being used for milling, while grain or all-purpose.

Whole Wheat Einkorn

There are two ways to purchase whole wheat einkorn flour. The first is to purchase the grains unhulled and then mill it at home. You can see how I do this HERE. My favorite place to purchase grain for milling at home is from Grand Teton Ancient Grains in Idaho. I’m blown away by their wonderful customer service and quality. Their bulk grain prices are competitive which helps bring me back again and again.

I don’t personally purchase ground whole wheat einkorn but if that’s what you’re looking for I’d check out the above link or Azure Standard for pricing. They are a once per month grocery pick up that provides natural and local groceries or homestead supplies. Shipping is free. You just show up at the designated drop point! I LOVE THEM.

All-Purpose Einkorn Flour

The two places I use for all-purpose flour are Grand Teton Ancient Grains and Jovial Foods. Note that when I purchase jovial foods einkorn I still get it from Azure Standard as they often run sales. Jovial foods einkorn is the leader in the industry and has great quality though prices often run higher. Free shipping is a plus but the one drawback to purchasing it from Azure Standard is having to wait until the monthly pick up to receive the order.

Grand Tetons Ancient grains has been my other go to for all-purpose, especially when grabbing larger quantities for holidays or big baking seasons. As I said above, I’ve been extremely pleased with their quality and customer service. They have even switched out bag sizes to get my order to me faster. I’m very impressed.

Finding Deals

What about the deals you ask? Yes, I’m not opposed to finding deals and have done so myself. I have occasionally ordered from Amazon, though I don’t like to point people to such a large corporation. It’s hit and miss what sizes and prices you’ll find. Sometimes it’s just nice to get your flour with one day shipping. I understand that.

I’ve also tried other large natural food stores online. Again, I wouldn’t depend on them. I had a very bad experience once when trying to get a super deal on all-purpose einkorn flour. My package was damaged in the mail twice (the second time they didn’t bother to tell me) and I finally cancelled the order after about a month of waiting.

That said, deals are great to find but realize if you’re using this flour a lot, you’ll want a consistent source.

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Alright! Time for me to get back to preserving the pears and zucchini before the frost comes. Happy fall Ya’ll!

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