Here I sit hoping and waiting for something perfect to hit me. Something I can write down and use to change another life. There are so many things but nothing that would take me five minutes and that is what I have. Five minutes to leave a thought. Five minutes between the poop and pee … More Perfection

My Christmas List

It’s about this time every year that I begin getting asked the question, “What’s on your list?” In fact, I often begin anticipating the question long before it’s asked and write down a few things in my brain. Those “few things” soon turn to more and more. Though I don’t give every wish to people … More My Christmas List

Thanks A Lot…

“Click” “Click” “Click” Nothing. The car would not start. My phone was about to die. I had three little ones in the back seat and irritable screams blazed around me. “This can’t be happening.” I said out loud. Just ten minutes earlier I’d discovered that I didn’t bring my wallet with me on this excursion … More Thanks A Lot…

Thanksgiving Words

    I recently got into my old stash of art and found this. Perhaps I’ll play around with watercolor again soon but for now it’s my inspiration. Not perfect art, but perfect words. I’ve known Psalm 100 since I was a child. My mother would go over it again and again at the lunch … More Thanksgiving Words