Our Adoption Adventure in Lock Down


Here we are.

We’ve been here for some time.

Waiting for an adoption is hard.

Learning to wait is even harder.

Has it been a month? Two months? A year? We are home. There is still an Ocean between us. I don’t know how she is. I don’t know what orphanage life is like during a Pandemic. I don’t know if she is healthy. I don’t know if Covid has gone through her orphanage. I only know she is still there and we are here at home: the home she so desperately needs.

On the one hand, I’ve had little anxiety as my brain has been focused on tending to the Garden (the garden that we were able to plant because we were not with her). I’ve been enjoying my boys who will soon be her brothers. I’ve been busy.

But then I stop and think.

Life is not as simple and pure where she is at. As a special needs child in an orphanage system she is easily placed into the susceptible category. “How quickly could Covid 19 go through an orphanage?”

I know the answer is very quickly and I know it could be devastating.

Life has been put on hold here. We are not where we thought we’d be a year ago or six months ago.

 Waiting is hard but we are trusting that God will still bring a girl to her forever home.



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