October Expectations



To say I’ve missed my writing times lately would be a huge understatement.

My ability to have time doing things that fill me up has dwindled to teaspoon proportions. I always have a hard time starting again. I wonder what I can write that will be worth reading and just about every time I start anew it begins with the same topic: My life right now.

Summer weather left us faster than you could say burnt marshmallow and every month seemed to start with me wondering if the next couple months would include traveling for our adoptions. It most certainly did not.

Our home study took much longer than expected, making the rest our our adoption S  L  O  W down so much.

In the adoption world, one has to be ready to jump on tasks without a thought and then be o.k. with waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

When September rolled around I thought “maybe we’ll get our travel dates next month!”


I REALLY wanted to have our girl by now. I prayed we’d have her by Christmas. Now that’s an unrealistic dream.

My son has been asking how long it will be before we can get his new sister everyday. At first I said a hundred days and worked my way down to 85. Then I realized I better add some more on so I started back at 90 days again. That was 90 days ago and now I’ve resorted to just saying “After Christmas.”


This week we got fingerprinted with USCIS. This event is huge in the process. When we get approval from USCIS ( U.S. department of Citizenship and immigration) the only step left will be to get that “golden ticket” of approval overseas and wait for travel dates!

What can you do while you’re waiting except look forward while enjoying the now?


So we’ve been playing outside whenever the sun is shining. We’ve been picking apples, making applesauce and had family over for an apple pressing.


The oldest started kindergarten this year and it’s been quite an adjustment for his younger brothers to go through the day without him. I’ve used his absence to focus on spending more one-on-one time with Asher who’s so used to sticking like glue to his best friend and Brother Larkin.


Asher’s been learning to help around the house by feeding the dog, cleaning up toys and using the handheld vac. As long as he can cover his ears he loves it!


The boys have become pro’s at making cuddly corners. I’ve thought for a long time that it’d be fun to have an actual reading corner, but now I lean toward enjoying their creativity as it lasts.

As for me, sleep is awful. I look forward to sleeping through the night while on a retreat this weekend. Sometimes you have to get away to feel sane.

Far away a girl needs a family, but God is providing for us in sweet gifts everyday whether from friendships, our precious kids or just remembering his love. His timing is right even when I don’t like it.

I can be patient in the wait: Expectations down.



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