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How I created a Ladies Night from Forgotten Space

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Have you ever had a space that you considered tearing down, but wondered what it would look like with a little love? There has been a covered area on our property since we arrived that hasn’t received much use. The previous owners had a hot tub inside but for us, it became a storage area. I could only imagine the space could be beautiful if twinkling lights covered it’s walls. This last week, I got to see my dream come to life. For the event of a surprise birthday party, my friends and I came together to create a ladies night from forgotten space. Here’s how we did it and tips for making a ladies night.

ladies talk around a dimly lit table with twinkle lights and candles

I started cleaning up the covered deck about three and was joined by others at four. We began the decorating process by getting electricity hooked up and then hanging lights. Tables, heaters and candles followed before we finished with comfy seating and the delicious spread of food.

An old hot tub deck storing junk to be used as the place of our ladies night

Tips for Making your Own Ladies Night

Use space that can be accessed by electricity for your Ladies Night

I was glad to be close to the house so we could use an extension cord and power strip for our night. It’s good to have it for the lights, heaters, and electric water kettle if making hot drinks. You might consider it for music as well.

Use Space that has the ability to hold lights for your Ladies Night

I’m a fan of lights and really think they can “make” an atmosphere. The problem comes when there is no way to hang them up high. If you’re outside, covering plants with lights is one possibility but I’m sold that the height of hung lights add much more drama to a space.

We used tacks to hold our Christmas lights up on most areas and above our heads, exposed beams provided a place to droop them.

A white wicker chair lined with pillows and blankets sits behind a table cloth covered table with candles and tea sets.
Tables graced with tea sets and food platters are ready for a ladies night

Make it a Team Effort

By far, this is the best piece of advice I can give. Each friend involved has a unique gift to share.


One of my friends is a “helper” personality and more mechanical than I. Even though I have extension chords and a small space heater, I put her in charge of the power items so I wouldn’t stress over finding them. She brought cucumber sandwiches and decorations. Then she set up lights and power. Often you’ll hear her say, “is there anything else you need?”

Twinkle lights and a lamp light up a table filled with food platters ready for the ladies night

One friend is excellent at stepping up to make gatherings happen. She basically said “I’m bringing the food,” and she went above and beyond to do something that was second nature for her. No big planning and BAM, it was beautiful!

Still another is a decorating diva. All I have to do is tell her what I want to create and she brings decorations galore, music and her expert eye. She helped me bring out furniture and was spot on in creating the atmosphere we wanted.

Each person is different. Each person has something to bring to the table.

The hot tub deck entry is covered by a while sheet and white twinking lights surround it.

Create Atmosphere By using the Senses

We have five senses: Taste, touch, sight, hearing and smelling. To create a “cozy” atmosphere you’d think about what would make each of those senses feel cozy. To create a sophisticated atmosphere, think about what will taste, smell, hear, look and feel sophisticated. I love how Myquillyn Smith of The Nester blog explains this concept.

For our ladies night, we wanted the “atmosphere” of the room to be cozy, classy, and feminine.

Here’s an Example of our Atmosphere

Taste: Classy finger foods on platters and hot tea with cream and sugar

The food table is dimly lit by twinkling lights and a lamp next to an elegant electric tea kettle

Feel: Three heaters including a fake fireplace kept us warm despite the outside rain. Soft blankets covered those on the wicker loveseat.

Smell: Scented candles, sweet tea and good food

a chandelier, lights and bunting line the walls and ceiling of the hot tub deck

Looks: Lots of lights, bunting, lace and and tea sets.

Sound: Classic Jazz and mid-century music from timeless artists like Dean Martin and Michael Buble.

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We used a fireplace heater like THIS one.

Some of our favorite music includes Micheal Buble.

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