A clean bathroom sink with a mint green vintage clock and glass container.

Cleaning Schedule after Sickness Hits the House



Have you wondered where the month has gone? I experienced this multiple times last year. A nasty viral bug caused havoc among the farmhouse and while the kids recovered, Dad and mom were still lagging. The fatigue, cough and weak stomach was just a few of the gifts it left us. Because we need to keep the house running, I had to figure out how to “recover” AND do the chores. I felt so ready to start the “normal” routines of everyday life and enjoy the season. On the other hand I felt as though my body still couldn’t use much energy without taking a step back in recovery. This time I’m laying it out for myself. This is my after sickness cleaning schedule.

A mint colored clock sits next to a glass container on a clean bathroom sink with a shiny cleaned chrome sink.

It may last several days or it may last several weeks depending on my recovery. The important thing is that the house is being cared for to the best of my ability and I’m also not overdoing it. When my body is feeling strong and energized, I can jump right into the normal routine of the day without feeling too far behind.

Why Have A Housework Routine for After the Flu

After so many times of being sick with children to care for, I feel behind on household cleaning and chores after I recover. Now I want something to help the comeback. Here are the reasons for incorporating this routine.

  1. It keeps the needle moving. While you may not be able to accomplish much, this assures that while you are recovering, things are still getting done.
  2. This routine also allows for recovery. The point of it is not to overdo it so that the quickest recovery can happen.
  3. It’s adaptable to whatever the energy level.
  4. It makes the move from sickness to everyday life go much more smoothly.

Remember, the point is to complete tasks while still getting the fastest recovery possible!

Three Days to a Recovery Cleaning Schedule

For this routine, I’ve created a three day cleaning schedule. Feel free to do it as many times as are needed before jumping back into your normal everyday housework routine.

Click HERE for a FREE Printable Schedule.

Day 1.

This is your starting day! Congrats, you’ve been down and out and it’s time to get a move on.

Wait a minute! If you’ve just been through a tornado, don’t push it too hard. The point is just to move the needle while “recovering.”

  • Today your job is to pick a counter and wipe it down. Could be the kitchen or the bathroom. Probably whichever appears to be more germ infested.
  • Put in a load of laundry. I like to start with sheets. I always see a difference in my kid’s recovery time when the sheets have been changed after the worst days of sickness.
  • SIT Down and fold some laundry. Yes, sit! Watch a show with the kids, listen to a podcast or turn on a movie for yourself. I like to give myself a set time like 20 minutes so I don’t feel tied down to this one thing forever. I know I’ll accomplish something in that time.

Day 2.

Hooray! You’re already starting this day ahead because, if you followed yesterday’s schedule, laundry has been done!

Here’s the plan for today:

  • Clean a toilet. I always feel a LOT better after the flu, when toilets have been cleaned.
  • Put in another load of laundry. Yes, we need to keep the clothes coming.
  • Sit down for another 20 minutes and fold clean laundry before putting them away (or maybe handing them to the owner to put away).

Day 3.

If you’ve made it this far, I hope you are feeling better although my sickness has hung on well past the most severe weeks.

Here’s the schedule for today:

  • Clean a floor. Most likely this will be the bathroom floor but it doesn’t have to be. Perhaps you feel the kitchen or living room needs more cleaning after sickness. That’s ok. It’s also ok to ask for help!
  • Put in another load of laundry. Can you see a theme here?
  • Yes! Sit down once again and fold laundry.
a bright bathroom sink sparkles clean with a light green clock and glass container off to the side.

Use This Cleaning Schedule Your Way

If you were to really break this cleaning schedule down here’s what you’d see.

  • Do a load of laundry each day,
  • Fold laundry and put it away each day
  • Clean one germy area.

That’s how simple it is. Don’t feel like you have to follow it perfectly. Perhaps you have more energy and want to clean the whole bathroom. Maybe you still don’t have enough strength to clean anything. Use this as a guide to help make the schedule that works for you.

Don’t forget to Print off your free cleaning checklist HERE. Hope this schedule helps out.

Happy recovery to you!

From the Hilltop,


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  1. I love this cleaning schedule for after being sick. It can be overwhelming trying to get everything clean all at once when you aren’t feeling your best. This seems totally doable though. Thanks for sharing!

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