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Like every other brain dead mom I am quick to see what ideas others are using to keep their kiddos preoccupied these days. It’s great when kids can just run and play outside but that’s not always an option, so what has kept families afloat while staying at home ( besides lots of youtube and netflix)?

Well here are a few of my favorites since the start of our home bound lifestyle.

Podcasts! We’ve discovered some new ones.

  • Paws and Tails. This podcast for kids ages 4-8 follows adventures of critters in Wildwood to help them build a foundation of faith. It’s made by the Insight for Living Ministries and while this is a podcast, there are also DVD’s and Cd’s. My boys immediately loved these stories. Some are still a bit scary for the younger ones so it may be good to have a parent around. 

My boys also clung to this adventure series right off the bat. The stories are entertaining but lighthearted enough for a five-year-old to follow. Check out the podcast as well as the website.

Active time

One thing I’ve tried to incorporate is an active time in the morning where we’re either dancing to music or following an online workout. These are a couple provided for my son by his P.E. teacher.

Non-screen time activities for a “mom break”

  • Play-doh

I don’t take it out often so when I do my boys are hooked for well over an hour. Grab the cookie cutters, a couple small forks and knives or other kitchen gear and they’ve got play equipment they never knew about.

  • Popsicle Sticks

My Sister-in-law shared this great idea. She bought a huge pack of popsicle sticks and her kids went to town making all sorts of things.

Activities With Mom

This is a great time to CHOOSE to spend a little time having FUN with the kids. What would you enjoy with them? Painting? cooking? Honestly those have been a bit stressful for me but here’s a few things I’ve done…

  • Made a Volcano

I actually made a baking soda volcano with the boys last summer and I guess it left such an impression that as soon as the sun came out again they began begging me to make another. Yup. It’s pretty fun to see those faces when the vinegar hits the soda and up the lava flows.

  • Reading

My kids are cuddly and I’ve found nothing makes them feel closer to mom than reading time ( as long as they can sit still). There are times I’ll admit when I’m ready to quit after constant jumping, rolling, or wrestling, but those times when it’s just quiet and they’re enjoying the sound of mom’s voice – ah, that’s the precious time I enjoy most.Social distanced picnic

  • Treasure Hunt

I’ve done this just once. After bringing home some chalk and an outdoor pail for play I hid them and made simple clues to follow. At first I thought it’d be a lot of work but it was really just me writing a few sentences on papers and the bast part was that it helped my kindergartener practice his reading skills. This is definitely one I want to do with them again.

This is on my bucket list. Disney Parks may be closed, but they’ve once again started their recorded messages from a well known Disney character to wish your child goodnight. I remember something similar when I was a kid but that was, well…awhile ago.

What are you doing to bring more joy to the home while staying put?

Comment and let me know!


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