Merry Christmas Dear One…

Merry Christmas Dear One,

Do you know that Christmas has come and gone? Do you know what a Christmas tree is? What a present is?

Larkin wanted so badly to buy you a gift this year but I sadly told him we couldn’t give it to you yet and even if we could, you couldn’t keep it. He doesn’t understand how a child could not have any of her own toys, her own clothes. Surely she should have a Christmas gift!


Yes, surely she should but the world isn’t like it should be is it?

I wished that you could’ve been with us this year to see the lights on the tree and the lights on the houses. I wish you’d had the chance to read the Christmas story with us and know that the words hope, joy and peace were a real part of your life.

The songs that tell the story of a hope far greater than we could imagine are sung this season.

There are gifts given and a celebration of the Father who has come to save his lost children; to adopt them into his home forever.


This is my favorite season but this year has been a struggle. Sickness, constant adoption paperwork, loss, disappointment: SO many burdens can easily cover up the joy of the season.

We missed you dear one. Missed you so much. Please come soon.

Your soon to be Mother




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