Cowboys and Christmas

One of these days I’d like to see a tally of how many times I’ve saved my kids lives. Before becoming a parent, the phrase “I kept my children alive today” would be nothing but a joke. Nearly five years in I’m understanding the serious reality of these words.

Moms, you deserve a medal. Yes, you too Dads. It’s not easy to protect babies and children who don’t understand words like “unsafe.”

I was reminded of this once again as I stood in front of my stove preparing dinner. I was enjoying the kids entertaining themselves for a few minutes listening to talk of cowboys and trucks.

DSC_1127 (2)

Suddenly, I heard a scream from my youngest and looked over to see a piece of long twine string (aka cowboy rope) wrapped around the baby’s neck getting tighter and tighter while the two-year old ran with the other end in the opposite direction.

You can imagine the scream that came out of my mouth as I leaped superman style to rescue my boy.

Child number two went on to find other fun things to get into while I hid the twine. Dad soon arrived home and I finished dinner in quiet.

Remember that “quiet” means one of two things in a child packed house.

1. It’s nap time

2. Find your child right now to save life or property!

DSC_1128 (2)

Thankfully, no life had been harmed. Instead, Asher waddled down the stairs struggling with a flat box as big as he. This was brought up to Dad and he begged for help. At first I was upset knowing my toddler had made it into the storage room and gone searching.

DSC_1130 (2)

Then I enjoyed the time.

The rest of the evening was spent putting together the Christmas train track and watching the train chug-chug chugging around the tree. I’m unsure how low a toddler’s voice can go but “wow” was heard time and again in lowest of low little boy style.

DSC_1132 (2)

My preschool boy is the one who loves train toys at our house. He’s obsessed with them, but it was our toddler who found the train set that looked so magical and lit up our house.

DSC_1138 (2)


DSC_1137 (2)

What a sweet time it was marveling at the lights and basking in the wonder that a little thing like a train can provide a few little boys at Christmas.

All lives accounted for.



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