Here I sit hoping and waiting for something perfect to hit me. Something I can write down and use to change another life.

There are so many things but nothing that would take me five minutes and that is what I have. Five minutes to leave a thought. Five minutes between the poop and pee to clean up, the fighting kids to separate, the laundry, the dishes, the dinner.

Sometimes in life perfection is work and sometimes it is unattainable.

I’ve made it through a week of my 30 days of blogging and then I missed a day. While the 20 year old me would be quick to say, “FAIL!” the 30 plus gal sees the strong week I had. Yes, I didn’t go for 30 days straight. Why?


Because so many other things were higher priority.

Motherhood has taught me to say “no” to the good so I can say “yes” to the best.

This sometimes (often times) means “no” to perfection.

Life’s not a beach: It’s a mountain to climb and the hike is hard but so worth it.

Don’t be afraid to Fail but keep on moving. See you tomorrow!



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